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New York labor laws are detailed and constantly evolving. Under Section 200 and Section 240 and Section 241, construction workers are afforded legal protections that hold contractors, property owners and equipment manufacturers responsible for construction accident injuries and wrongful death. Changes in the political environment have resulted in new interpretations of legal standards, however. At Piergrossi & Peterman, LLP, we follow construction job injury law carefully. We stay on top of the changes and make sure that the evidence presented in your favor is in line with how the courts are likely to rule in today's legal environment.


Your New York workers' comp insurance benefits won't cover the bills


If you have suffered an injury in a construction accident, it is a mistake to think that your workers' compensation benefits will cover the cost. Most injured workers are surprised to discover how inadequate their disability and insurance benefit payments really are. That is why we aggressively pursue compensation from any third parties that may be negligent. When we meet to discuss your injury claim, we will go over what you should expect over the coming weeks and months, as your case progresses. You will be up against a third party such as an owner, contractor subcontractor, or manufacturer of a defective product — and their insurer. Neither will want to see you get one nickel more than they are required to pay.


We work closely with workers' compensation lawyers

We will investigate your accident to determine what parties can be held liable for additional damages. Our attorneys work closely with highly qualified workers' compensation attorneys in the New York City area to ensure that you have every opportunity to collect maximum benefits while we fight to recover any additional money damages you are entitled to. Your family needs it. You have a right to be compensated fairly. We are here to help you pursue it.


Contact us today to learn more about third party liability and how we can help you recover full and fair money damages for your construction accident injuries or wrongful death claim.




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