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The attorneys of Piergrossi & Peterman, LLP know that insurance defense lawyers work hard to discredit injured people when it comes to back and spine injuries. After all, the symptoms related to a spinal cord injury are often complex and confusing, even for experts. Our lawyers have educated themselves through specialized training to better handle cases involving injuries resulting in damage to the spine. In addition, we work with a team of medical experts who provide testimony and medical evidence that makes it clear that your spinal cord injury is real and has a major impact on our life and your family. We know how to ask the right questions to prepare a winning case

We have helped people recover full compensation for spinal cord injuries resulting from:


     •Car accidents

     •Truck accidents

     •Motorcycle accidents

     •Bicycle accident

     •Pedestrian accidents

     •Construction Site Accidents

     •Birth Injuries to baby or mother

     •Surgical Errors

     •Slip & Fall Accidents



Herniated disks and nerve impingement are spinal cord injuries, too


Paralysis isn't the only result of a spinal cord injury. If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord, neck or back injury in an accident and you are feeling pain in your arms, shoulders or legs, don't assume that things will turn out all right. The fact is that insurance companies won't offer you a fair settlement unless they are made to understand that they are facing significant financial damages. At CPP, you will have the combined years of experience of a team of experienced trial lawyers working to recover maximum money damages for your injuries. A spinal cord injury can result in a lifetime of care and financial loss. We make sure the insurance company understands that.


Satisfied clients and other lawyers know that we are effective


We have earned a reputation among legal professionals for our commitment to success. Many of our personal injury and wrongful death cases come to us by way of referral from other lawyers who are seeking experienced representation for their clients. In our experience, winning a spinal cord injury lawsuit is most likely when your lawyer has experience working through the court process of legal motions and discovery of evidence. We are in court everyday and take a hands-on approach to the cases we handle. We do not accept more cases than we can handle and do not refer our cases to other lawyers. From your initial free consultation through the final conclusion, when we take a case, we're in it to win.


Our ability to fight hard, with intelligence and integrity, to protect the rights of injury victims is something that insurance defense attorneys understand and respect. Contact us to discuss your personal injury claim today.




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