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You were told your surgery was routine. Yet, nothing went as planned. Whether your hospital was understaffed or the surgeons were poorly trained, nothing could justify the pain you have endured.

For more than 45 years, Piergrossi & Peterman, LLP, has advocated for medical malpractice victims throughout New York. We have extensive experience proving fault in highly complex surgical error cases. Our legal team can consult industry-leading experts to show standard medical procedures were overlooked the day of your surgery. Your life was put at risk and now you are entitled to recover compensation for the damages you have endured. Contact our medical negligence attorneys to schedule a free consultation in Bronx, New York.


Identifying the Cause of Surgical Errors in New York


If you believe you or your loved one was the victim of a surgery mistake, obtain experienced legal counsel. Hospitals devote substantial resources to try and mitigate their exposure to any liability. At CPP, we know how to overcome any roadblocks in an effort to help you recover a full financial recovery. Our law firm's medical malpractice attorneys have experience handling a wide range of surgical error claims, such as:


     •Anesthesia errors

     •Performing the wrong surgery

     •Leaving utensils in body

     •Administering the wrong dosage of sedation medicine

     •Child birth-related errors

     •Plastic surgery errors


Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses are trained to work in high-pressure situations. Whether you had a planned procedure or an emergency surgery, you should feel confident knowing you are in good heads. Yet, when highly trained medical professionals work with few rest breaks and not enough sleep, unacceptable emergency room errors can happen.


Our legal team knows how to prove fault in high complex medical malpractice claims. Part of our approach includes reviewing any records to understand how many consecutive hours a doctor or nurse worked without taking a break. Any witness testimony from other doctors or nurses in the operating room could be used to support your claim. We also have access to industry-leading medical experts available to identify if any standard surgical procedures were overlooked. We will incorporate as much evidence as possible to prove fault before a jury or judge. Our detailed approach often prompts insurance adjusters to make large settlement offers, knowing we are fully prepared to take them on in trial.


Contact Our Experienced New York Surgical Mistakes Lawyers


Our law firm is selective in the number of medical malpractice cases we take on. We strategically limit the number of medical malpractice cases we handle simultaneously to ensure we are fully prepared to prove fault and secure the compensation our clients are entitled. Contact our medical malpractice lawyers to learn how our trial skills can be used to your advantage.




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